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Flight Status

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Status of flights from Satwari Airport, Jammu


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  26.04.2019 Wetter Ostsee

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Crazy people on my WhatsApp list.. 1. Someone on his status u201cSleepingu201d since 3 days! Heu2019s probably dead. 2. Someone never sends anything, then at night once a week/month he says: u201cGood nightu201d WTF! 3. Someone is sick since the time I added him. 4. Someone steals my status and keeps it at the same time when I do. 5. Someone is u201cDrivingu201d since 3 days! I guess he reached Pakistan!! 6. Someone sends me back exactly what I sent to him..Seems like he wants to play table tennis! 7. Someone still has his status as u201cHappy New Year!u201d 8. Someoneu2019s status is u201cHappyu201d since one month..Living in Paradise? 9. Someone when I send a broadcast he just puts a smiley face.. 10. From first day their status is, u2018Hey there! Iu2019m using WhatsAppu2019 I know it! Thatu2019s why youu2019re on my list! Lol